Meals Provided

9,346 Meals & As Many Snacks Provided in 39 Months

Friday, May 27, 2016

6,000 Meals Provided In 24 Months

What a wonderful day to realize that today we have provided the 6,000th weekend backpack meal in 24 months !!   :)

It amazes me how the numbers add up so quickly and it is fun to watch them grow.  :)  

Thank you so much each and everyone of you who have donated money and or food to help with this project.  And please don't stop, I always need your help to keep doing this for the children who are in need.  

Many Blessings to you all !!


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thank You Elise !!

Thank you, Elise, for your kind help with feeding the Backpack Munchkins.  :)

It is so incredible that you chose to collect cans of food to feed the children on weekends as your school project !!  :)   I am blown away about all the cans you got together and all the caring you put into this.  :)  Some of the cans I put into the backpacks for this weekend already.

Thank you young lady !!  You are very caring and kind !!  So proud of you !!   :)