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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Remaining Food Donated to Earthquake Victims in Oaxaca, Mexico

The remaining food from this Food Blessing project were donated through "World Care" to children of  the earthquake victims in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Here is what "World Care" wrote after delivering the food there this week:

"World Care was so honored to send the remaining food supply from Food Blessings in a Backpack down to Oaxaca, MX that was devastated by the numerous earthquakes. With the help of Karin and her incredible donors we were able to send over 2 pallets of food totaling over 1000 pounds! The food arrived in Oaxaca, MX last night! It was a 1300 mile journey from Nogales, Sonora to Oaxaca,MX but it made it safely! The community is so grateful to have such needed supplies/resources such as food, water and hygiene products. THANK YOU!"

With a full Heart,


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