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9,346 Meals & As Many Snacks Provided in 39 Months

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Amazing Numbers

It amazes me how many meals were provided in such a short time.  :)  It only has been three months since  beginning this project and there have been almost 700 meals given to the Munchkins already.   :)   It makes my heart sing.  :)

This week one of the other parents at the school donated a bunch of apple sauce cups.  That was a kind surprise and felt really sweet to receive.  :)

There are not many stories to share, as I just drop off the backpacks every Friday and normally don't see the Munchkins.  I wish I had more stories to tell.  I am still unable to post photos onto my blog and have tried everything I could possibly think of to figure it out. There are some pictures I would like you to see.  :)

Thank you each and everyone of you for donating food or money, without you I could not do this !!  :)  I am ever so grateful and hold you all in my heart !!  :)


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