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9,346 Meals & As Many Snacks Provided in 39 Months

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Numbers Are Growing

The numbers are growing and I am up to 18 needy children now who receive a backpack filled with food every Friday for the weekend.  :)  That is 72 meals every week and just as many snacks, along with a can of vegetables, some sort of fruit like raisins, apple sauce or fruit strips, and a small sweet treat.  :)  So far 960 meals and snacks have been provided in only 4 months.  

I am still okay doing it all by myself, but if it grows more I will need help with everything, especially the stuffing and carrying the backpacks.  They are quite heavy, especially the first weekend of each month when I add a big jar of peanut butter and a big jelly too, enough to last the whole month.  :)  

Please help me feed these little Munchkins, if you find it in your heart.  :)  All of this is done from donations only and every penny goes directly into buying food for the kids.  Money donations are wonderful, so I can go and buy the food as it is needed to stuff the backpacks.  I don't have too much storage space or big shelves.  For those of you who would like to donate food I have a wish list I can email to you, just let me know.  

Thank you for your kind help always !!   :)  

Many Blessings to each and everyone of you !!  

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