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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Girl Scouts

It is always great to share wonderful stories with you all !!  :)  Here is one that hopefully will touch you as much as it has touched me.  :)

A little while before Christmas, Breanna contacted me & shared that she is one of the parents of Girl Scout Troop # 45. She said that the Troop of 12 little girls would like to help with feeding the Munchkins every weekend and that they could provide each one can of what I needed.  The commitment was for six months. What a wonderful gift and what a great way to teach the little girls to give to others at a very young age.  :)  It is so important to start young with this !!

One Thursday a couple months ago I went to meet all the girls and gave a little talk about having fed the homeless and about now providing the Food Backpacks every weekend for needy children in a school. Those little ones had so many questions, especially about the homeless, and it was a joy to spend time with them.  :)  Many of their questions were very mature and I could tell that these little ones really cared about those people.

As time went Breanna shared that it was more and more difficult to get the parents to donate the can of food every week and that often she made up for the lack thereof.  But then there was her commitment of six months.

And here is where Breanna blew me away and touched me deeply. She called last week and told me that she was going to CostCo the following Thursday and that they were taking $200.00 from the Girl Scout Cookie Fund to buy food for my Backpack Munchkins, and what could I use ??

This afternoon, Breanna, her husband, and one lil' girl with her Mom, came over to deliver all that they had gotten.  It was a sight to see !!   :)   They brought over canned Pork & Beans, Goldfish Crackers, Top Ramen, Mac 'n Cheese, Chocolate Milk, Fruit Juice, Fruit Cups, Cookies, and Nutella Snack Packs.  My eyes got watery as it all was brought in.  :`)

Breanna, I so admire you for keeping your promise and for having so much integrity !!  You are a wonderful example for your sweet daughter and knowing her, she is paying attention to your actions and learning from you !!  :)

Thank you Breanna and Girl Scout Troop # 45 !!  You are an Inspiration and I am very grateful to you !!  :)

May your Blessings be many !!   :)

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