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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Thank You !!

Thank you Blanca, Debra, Danny & Katie, Marianne, Heather & Chelsea for donating all those books for the "Mom's in Combat Boots" project !!   :)   You all are so awesome !!  :)

Danny and Katie, I was able to get a whole bunch of books from the Bookman's store credit you donated.  And the employee gave me a 15% discount, since I was way over the amount you gave me.  :)  She said it was for a good cause, so we were able to work it all out that there were only 23 cents left over.  Thank you both, you touched my heart !!  :)

Blanca, thank you for going through your sons books and being so generous with what you contributed !!  :)
Great work you are doing !!  :)

Debra, your generosity always amazes me !!  You also used most of your Bookman's store credit for a lot of the children's books.  Thank you so much !!  :)  You are a big Angel in my life !!  :)

Marianne, I love how you teach your girls, Heather & Chelsea, to give and help out at their young age !!  You are doing a great  job !!  :)  I thought it was so cute that you and the girls read all the books once more before donating them to this project.  What a wonderful experience for the three of you !!  :)   Big thanks to all three of you !!  :)

I am going to suggest to do this for the Dad's in Combat Boots also, as I feel Dad's would love to read to their children too.  And please know that I will always accept used or new children's books for this project, in hopes that this will ripple out to others who would like to help.  :)

With much Gratitude for your Caring,


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