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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Christmas for the Munchkins 2016 - Part 1

Again this year it took a village to make Christmas for 20 children in need. This Christmas the village had grown & the Munchkins were showered with even more toys, books, shoes and clothes.  :)

My apologies for this being so late. I had lost the connection to entering this blog and for three weeks was trying to figure out how to get back on with no success.  Google's blog doesn't have a phone number to call, so I was going around in circles until my dear neighbor, Danny, figured it out for me.   Thank you Danny !!  :)  I still have trouble to get on it, since it seems quite complicated to get to this very point where I can make entries.  :o

To begin with I began the fundraising in November to  let friends and supporters know to keep this project in mind once more.  Then I needed to get all the Wish Lists ready and distributed to the parents for the sizes, wishes for toys, etc.  That information is always a little slow to get back from the families, especially when everyone is ready to go.  :)

As soon as I got all the Wish Lists together I distributed them to all the people who wanted to help.
Some I mailed, some I delivered and some of course I used for the clothes and the shoes I went to purchase for the children once the donation started coming in.

First to respond were the wonderful nurses form the TMC NICU (Natal ICU). Pat B. was really excited to share the wish lists with her staff & to get going with this huge project.  :)   We had to do everything sooner this year because Christmas fell on a weekend & we needed to wrap the weekend before that already. Pat and her crew were incredibly generous again once more, you can see the bags of many toys and gifts in the pictures once you scroll further down on this blog. Thank you, all you wonderful nurses who participated in the project for these Munchkins and for also helping out with the remaining cash for the food fund for 2017 !!   :)   Your kindness and effort was so appreciated and I wish I could give each of you a great big Thank You Hug !!  :)

A lot of you know that I have a Native American store and a huge website to go with it. One of my book and music suppliers, Four Winds Trading, is near Denver. The wonderful company has helped in the past years with donating books for the Munchkins and in years past they also donated books when I made Christmas for the homeless people here for four years.  I have a new service rep now, Whitney, who is a young woman with a precious little daughter. :) Whitney was so on board and excited with this project and riled up all the employees in the office and the boss too, along with his brother, Kelly, to donate. Kelly even went out to bid on two huge boxes of stuffed toys for the Munchkins to send to us here.  :)  It was so incredible !!   :)
Whitney ended up buying warm jackets, beanies and gloves for most of the children who needed them and mailed them to me. Yes, it does get quite cold here in the desert too.  :)   Kelly got two great big boxes of books together and a few CDs and DVDs also, some he had been saving all year for this. And there were a few games too.  Whitney, you are  an amazing young woman and I am so proud of your teaching your lil' girl how to share and give already !!  :)  I am ever so grateful to all of you at Four Winds Trading and I am sending you big hugs too !!  Hopefully this summer I can give them to you in person when I go to visit my daughter and family there.  :)   Thank you each and everyone !!

My dearest neighbor, Dave, went through all the wish lists and purchased all the movie DVDs for the Munchkins.  Thank you so much Dave, that was quite a job you did and I'm sure the kids were watching them on Christmas Day already.  :)   The parents must have loved you for getting a break to be able to cook the big dinner.   :)   You are such a wonderful and constant support with the whole backpack project and I am ever so grateful to you !!   :)

Speaking of food .... Again this year the kind employees of R&A CPAs wanted to provide the Christmas dinners for the Munchkins and their families. Caitlin was assigned the project by the firm and she did an incredible job !!  :)  And Marshele helped also !!  I was told that there had been set up raffle tickets and that the bosses agreed to have a pie tossed in their faces as the raffle prize.  :)  Oh my goodness, how generous is that of the bosses ??!!  There must have been many laughs along the way.  :)  Caitlin got together quite a bit of money and the bosses matched the amount.  She came to the Christmas party with a huge box of food for each family, containing the whole Christmas meal, which they had to cook themselves.  And each family also received a Fry's grocery gift card for the perishable food.  :)  You will see a picture of one of the boxes in the "Christmas Party" section below. There was also money left over and I was able to put that into the food fund for the rest of the year to make things a little easier along the way with the food each weekend.  :)  Thank you Caitlin and everyone at R&A CPAs for your generosity and your spunk with this project !!  :)   My heart is filled with gratitude for all that you have done for the Munchkins again this year !!   :)

To be continued ....

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