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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas for the Munchkins 2015 - Part 1

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I will say it takes a village to make Christmas for 20 children in need.  :)  And a village stepped forward to help this Christmas. It was absolutely phenomenal.  :)

This year, after I got all the Wish Lists from the children together it all began with the people at Cintas Uniforms wanting to get new outfits and shoes for the children.  Kat, who works at Outer Limits, was the go-between & the Wrapping Angel for all that clothes and those shoes.  :)
Thank you Kat, Jarred, Erick, Julie, Lupita, Debra, Mike, Steve, Annette, Adam, Matt, Ernie, and Howard for all your Kindness !!  :)  I heard that some of the Munchkins were wearing their new outfits the next day to school already.  :)  Also thank you all for donating all that soup, plus the odds & ends of food, which are always much needed too.

Next, Reilly came forward and offered to speak with the nurses at TMC's NICU. She said before she retired there, the nurses every year at Christmas donated to schools to help out the kids and that she would check on that.  We gave Pat, the Manager of NICU, copies of the Munchkins wish lists and these incredible 89 nurses bought all the toys on the lists, even a brand new bicycle and a small tricycle. When Reilly brought over all the toys it filled up most of my livingroom and brought me tears of joy.  :)  Reilly had to make two trips, she couldn't fit them all in her Bronco at once.  :)  Last year each child received one or two big gifts and some smaller ones, this year, thanks to you nurses at TMC, the gifts were all big.  I am so grateful for all your caring hearts & Pat's too for your kind help with this !!  :)   And thank you all for your donation to the food fund to fill the backpacks each weekend, which is on-going throughout the year !!  :)  We just crossed 5,000 meals and snacks provided in 19 months.  I am looking forward to doing it all again next Christmas with you all.  :)

My dear friend Jane, sent a check so I could buy new PJ's or nighties for the Munchkins and to put whatever was left over into the food fund.  Thank you so much my Jane Angel, you are always there for me, no matter what !!   :)  My gratitude for and to you is enormous !!  :)

Then my dear neighbor Dave, donated a brand new movie or TV series DVD which each child got to choose.  :)  "Frozen" was the most popular one again this year, and then the "Ninja Turtles", with the gifts also.  Thank you Dave, you are the kindest man I know & you are always there for me too, no matter what !!  :)   I feel so blessed by being your Heart Sister, you are the Brother I never had !!  :)

Next one day I get a call from Karly, who works at  R&A CPA's along with her best friend Amy. Both ladies have their children at Outer Limits School and had heard about my backpack program from Bill, the owner of the preschool.  Karly said that she wanted to help with Christmas and was going to talk to her co-workers about donations.  She emailed me the next day saying that within a few short hours she had gotten together $680.00 & that the owners had matched the amount the employees donated.  Since I had all the toys and the clothes already I thought it would be wonderful to be able to provide the makings of Christmas dinner for the 11 families of the 20 children in the backpack program.  So there was a big box for each family with a frozen turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, a pie, gravy and more.  Karly had gotten $1,250.00 together and from the left over money got gift cards from Fry's Grocery Store for each family, so they could purchase fresh vegetables and fruits, etc.  :) Thank you so much Karly and everyone else involved at R&A CPA's for helping these families in need & for your beautiful caring hearts !!  :)   I am so grateful to you all !!  :)  It was so nice to finally meet you Karly, Amy, and Marselle at the Christmas party for the Munchkins.  Marselle, thank you also for taking some of the pictures of my Ben's Belling!!  :)

I had called some of the book suppliers of my Native American store and asked if they would donate children's books for the Munchkins for Christmas.  Kelly at Four Winds Trading, and Bruce at Dawn Publishing came through in flying colors !!  It was so wonderful to have all your great books to share with the kids and to aid in their learning new things !!  :)  One of the children wanted nothing but books and I was told that he squealed with joy when he saw them at Christmas.  :)  Thank you so much Kelly and Bruce, you are both awesome and your thoughtfulness is so much appreciated !!   :)

To be continued ....

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