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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas for the Munchkins 2015 - Part 2

.... There are so many wonderful and touching stories to tell about this Christmas that I could fill a book.  :)

Thank you Sarah W. for buying all those fun stocking stuffer toys for the Munchkins and for putting so much thought into each one !!  Also for all the candy cane reindeer you put together again this year for everyone and one for me too.  :)  You are so creative and so thoughtful too !!  :)

Thank you Carlos O., my dear mailman, for donating your Christmas money from me for Matchbox cars and stickers for the kids !!  That was so dear of you !!  :)

Maria J., thank you once more for all that jewelry you donated to sell for Christmas and the food fund!!  I'm still working on that, but have sold a few pieces so far.  Business is very slow these days. And thank you also for the gift items you sent, all were wrapped and given to the kids !!  What you did is absolutely incredible !!  :)   Everyone, please see my blog post "A Miracle" from September 20, 2015, about this and stop by to shop some of this gorgeous jewelry.  :)  It is for a great cause !!  :)

Many thank you's go to my doctor, Donna R., for knitting 11 really sparkly scarves for the little girls for Christmas !!  They were just so beautiful and I could hear in my head all the girls oohing and aahing when they saw them first.  :)  You are the best !!   :)

It was amazing how many bakers came forward, so we had really sweet bags of cookies for each child. Some of you, Sarah W., even put them in very pretty bags to save me time and I am so grateful for that.   :)  Thank you so much Reilly & Eileen, Cheryl, Rebecca, Debra, and Sarah W. for baking the sweet treats !!  :)

Jhan, thank you for making all your super incredible chocolate fudge !!  :)  We used some of it at the Christmas party for the kids the next day.  

Dave and Nichole, thank you so much for donating the pretty Christmas baggies filled with candy for the Munchkins to go into their gift bags !!  :)

And Trader Joe's for their awesome support by donating their candy and cookies !!  Plus 50 of their wonderful paper sacks with the handles.  It made it so easy for the kids to carry their gifts in them.  :)

Big thank you shout-out's go to the following Angels who helped out with funds to support all of this, and for some of it to go into the fund for food to cover some of the coming weekend meals. Thank you with all my heart Mark B., Jill G., Sylvia F., Martin M., Amy & Richard C., Alice A., Cheryl & Michael C., Nan F., Martha F., Myrna O., Nichole & Nathan M., K.C., Jhan, Jerri & Andy, Debra I., Paul, Karen W., Steven R., Tina & Rich, Catherine P., Julia & Drew, and Carolyn T. for the Fry's gift card, which bought 20 jars of peanut butter and 20 jars of Jelly for the kids.  All your Kindness is so appreciated !!  :)

Another big thank you goes to you the ladies of the "St. Joseph Rosary Makers Club" for all the much needed food you donated for the weekend backpacks !!  :)  I am always grateful for your help every winter !!  :)

To top it all off, my dear friend, Mark Irvin, on December 29th donated 58 tickets to the "Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl" college football game to the Munchkins, their families, and the staff of Outer Limits.  I heard it was incredible and everyone had a blast.  :)  Thank you kindly, Mark !!  You are so giving !!  :)

To be continued ....

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Anonymous said...

Thank-You Kindly for the mention in your "Thank-You's" Karin!!! It truly IS an HONOR to be part of such a WONDERFUL and warm-hearted undertaking that YOU and everyone who's involved,DOES to ensure the truly HAPPY smiles from the kids at Christmas time!!! For that,makes it all worth it to Jules and I!!! Thanks again Karin!!! :) <3